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Aduro 4 Woodburning Stove 3-9KW

escape with natures own pleasurable heat

aduro 4

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Aduro 4

Aduro 4 is a simple and stylish wood burning stove with fine details and a handsome finish. The stove attracts attention with its distinctive form and large glass pane, which gives a free view to the flames. The spacious wood chamber has space for logs up to 41 cm long. Aduro 4 is simply characterized by its charm and the smart look, which gives the stove its character. A true comfort creator, which is suitable in both modern and classic homes.

Fitted with Aduro-tronic as standard for 2010.

Technical data






Nominal output



Operational area



Flue ventilation, diameter


150 mm top/rear

Heating area


30-140 m2



83 kg

Distance to flammable materials 





20cm, at side 30cm

to furniture



Width of wood chamber



Max log length



Dimension in mm


706 x 699/582 x 447 mm (HxWxD) 

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet



Colour options


Black and grey




Can be equipped with the Aduro-tronic automatic control device

Environmental requirements: Aduro 4 meets all environmental requirements in Europe.  Ecolabel/Swan Mark, DIN-plus, CE-mark, EN13240, the Sintef approval (Norway) and the Swedcert certificate (Sweden).

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